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Who is Procamp

PROCAMP Camp Construction & Rental is an Algerian company dealing with rig camps construction and rental, based in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria. Its activity is mainly focused on providing effective and fast solutions for energy companies based in desertic areas with extreme work conditions. Our experienced and highly skilled construction teams as well as our qualified management team allow us to provide high quality modular work/life spaces, taking into account the extreme climatic conditions, and specifically designed for desertic and arid areas.

Our Activities

PROCAMP produces tailor-made camp configurations as well as standard camps for energy rigs located in areas with extreme work and life conditions.

PROCAMP products are able to adapt to all our clients standard and special requests, even the most specific demands. Cabins are made of self-supporting high-quality fully welded steel modules that are fitted together to compose standard and special purpose units. The final unit is easy to move and satisfies the needs and accelerate the process of relocation with the sliding system it's equipped with under harshest conditions in Oil & Gas fields. Though designable according to environmental conditions, they are in a position to provide intact and qualified solutions under hardest conditions with fully equipped dormitory rooms, offices, clinics, cold stores, kitchen facilities, recreation, place of worship, WC/shower bath, and generator/water & sewage treatment units, special facilities, all comprised of welded threesome, foursome and fivefold units which can be fixed on the main skid.

The modules are constructed in our workshop, and according to the project complexity and details, adapted solutions are proposed to our clients to fit their requests for camp extensions and layouts.

PROCAMP supports its clients in all steps of camp construction, from the preliminary feasibility studies until the final tailor-made or standard solution. Nevertheless, the proposed configuration is never frozen; it can easily be extended or modified during all the construction steps and eventually after the final solution is approved.

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Zone industrielle Irara

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Phone:  (+213) 29 75 43 43 – (+213) 29 75 45 45

Email:    contact@procamp.dz

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